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Storybook - Unit of Work

Storybook Unit of work

This unit of work is based around the development of a children's nursery rhyme interactive storybook. The focus is on
- developing basic Multimedia knowledge and skills based around Adobe Flash
- modelling the design process (the storybood design is provided to students)

It is designed to be the introduction to Adobe Flash CS5 (or CS4). The unit can be used with the IST or Industrial Technology Multimedia courses.

Length: 10 - 15 weeks

Project Outline: Children's storybook

Required Flash Tutorials
Basic Flash skills: Basic skills and knowledge in using Flash and animations, including activities 1 and 2
Intermediate Flash skills: Further skills and knowledge including motion guides and sounds, including activities 3 and 4

Teaching Program
In development (for IST and Industrial Technology Multimedia)

Project files
Project Documents (based on Industrial Technology Multimedia)
- Storybook assignment handout
- Storybook marking guidelines
- Project Design Folio - contains the design of the storybook to be created
- Project Making Folio - is the folio template that students complete as they construct the storybook
- Quality Control Checklist - used to check that all aspects of the project is complete

Project Flash files
- Flash Project template - fla file (CS4 and CS5 compatable) that contains the basic navigation of the storybook
- Audio files (zipped)
- Graphic files (zipped)

Zipped files
- Project files for HSC Industrial Technology Multimedia (ITMM documents)
- Project files for Stage 5: IST (IST documents)