Unit 1 - Hardware and Software

Covers syllabus 8.1.2

(all links below are to documents on google drive)

Driving Question 1 - What does it take to make a computer system?

Driving Question 2 - What is a software program

Drive Question 3 - How does hardware work?

Driving Question 4 - How does hardware and software interact?

Hardware and Software revision questions covering DQ 1- 4 worksheet


Other Hardware and Software Resources

Playlist of YouTube videos on Hardware and Software concepts


Video: Intro to Computer Architecture


4 mins

General overview of Hardware and Software of computers, based on von Neumann architecture. Covers the basics of hardware and software from the syllabus.

Video: Fetch-Decode-Execute Cycle


4 mins

Looks at the how the fetch execute cycle runs for one instruction, increment A (eg add one to the number that is already is stored in register A). Worth watching good match to concepts/terminology in the syllabus for the fetch-execute cycle.


Video: See How the CPU Works In One Lesson


20 mins

Goes through the concept of how a CPU works, covering more technique concepts. Watch if you want to know more about how a computer works. Doesn’t use all the terminology of the syllabus

CPU Simulator

Example of a CPU simulator to see processing of machine code in the CPU




HTML/CSS introduction, practical activity introducing div tags and CSS - worksheet

Find online tutorials covering basics of HTML5 and CSS3