Preliminary Software Design and Development (SDD)

The aim of this website is to provide resources and activities to support student enrolled in the SDD course at Bradfield Senior College. These resources are available to be used by other teachers and students. It will include:

Phillip Cooke & Peter Cox


Website updates



13/8 New algorithm Quizzes added with sample answers upto no. 8
11/8 Added notes on MetaLanguages and links to videos in Unit 5: SW development issues
20/7 Notes and activity added for Interface Design in Unit 5: SW development issues
20/7 Worksheet on "How to create an algorithm" added in Unit 4: Further coding
20/7 Sample solution to coding 1 activity uploaded
12/7 Group Project files uploaded
12/7 Uploaded Coding activities 1, 2 & 3
27/4 Added Debugging and Modify zipped file in Debugging + Modifying
27/4 Added Testing notes and worksheet in Unit 4

Added worksheet on Logical and Relational operators in Unit 3.

Added worksheet on variables in Unit 3

19/3 Minor updates made to JS activities in the zipped files in Unit 3.
10/3 Links to resources for Unit 3: Algorithms and Coding 101 including Algorithm notes, student overview of unit 3, Zipped files for JS activities
3/3 Link to video on using JQueryMobile for Assessment 1 add in Resources|assessment page
24/2 Notes, worksheets and activities put up for Unit 2: Software Development Approaches in Resources|Unit 2: SW Dev
24/2 Links to other resources including video added to Unit 1: hardware and software. Good revision.

Assessment 1 added in Resources|assessment page

Programming|Basic Building Blocks - upto worksheet 5 updated and checked


Notes added in Unit 1 for DQ 3-4

HW/SW questions added in Unit 1


Notes added in Unit 1 for DQ 1-2


Menus redesigned