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ICTENSW Workshop - 5 August 2013
Workshop materials for HTML5+JavaScript ICTENSW workshop

These notes and code is best viewed in Firefox or Chrome.

Smartboard pdf of Notes

Example of mobile ready website
- Link to MyWebsite
- Compressed files (myWebsite.rar)

JavaScript Modify Activities 1-4

Development of JavaScript skills. The ideas of each of these activities is to provide a working program. Students can work out how it works and answer questions about the program. The worksheets also model the software development cycle in the documentation provided.

Students then modify the code and documentation to add to the existing program.

  Worksheet Explanation Skills View program Zipped Files

Modify 1


Guessing Game


Number game


2 Modify 2 Counting program   programCounter  
3   Rock Scissors Paper   RockScissorsPaper  

Modify 4

(not complete)

Horse race   raceTrack