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ICTENSW Workshop - 6 August 2012
Workshop materials for ICTENSW workshop on 6 August 2012.

Example Flash file, showing use of buttons and the loading of external swf files

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Resources for workshop

Zipped file containing (1.8Mb)

- FlashIntermediateCS5v2.fla - Flash file
- home.fla (homepage in Flash file above)
- home.swf
- humpty.fla (template for humpty assignment)
- humpty.swf
- AddPageV2.pdf (explanation how to add another page and button to above flash file)
- HumptyEmma.swf (example student assignment)

Updated Humpty Dumpty and Itsy Bitsy Project files (word documents)

- Assignment outline
- Marking guidelines
- Design folio
- Marking folio