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Flash CS Tutorials + Activities

Event Handling Skills

Event handling skills - Adobe Flash CS4, CS5, CS5.5 or CS6

Development of further skills and knowledge including masking and event handling

Tutorials 14-17

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14 Mask

Create a mask to see a graphic through a shape

Importing images
Create a star using PolyStar Tool



space image

15 Animated Mask Create an animated mask that shows an image through an animated mask

Importing images
Shape Tween
Ease in a Tween
Action Script – Stop();



beach image

16 Event Handling on a Mask Add event handling to enable the user to move an object around the screen

Changing an object type
Naming an instance of an object
Action Script, event handling on a  mouse click


17 Event Handling: Changing an Object Enable the user to control an object(star) including changing the objects properties: rotation and size and moving it using the arrow keys

- Create a star using PolyStar tool
- Action Script event handling
- on button press
- Rotate object
- Resize object
- on keyboard key press

swf basic

swf ext

fla basic

fla ext