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Flash CS Tutorials + Activities

Intermediate Skills

Intermediate skills - Adobe Flash CS4, CS5, CS5.5 or CS6

Development of further skills and knowledge including motion guides and sounds

Tutorials 9-13 + Activty 3-4

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9 Motion Tween Property Keyframes

In a Motion Tween property, keyframes can be changed to alter the object, including rotation and skew transform tools

These can be added manually or you can use Motion Presets

Motion tween
Transform skew tool
Transform rotation tool
Graphic objects
Motion Presets


10 Tracing images Create an animated butterfly by tracing a butterfly graphic and then animating the wings using a motion tween.

Import image
Locking layers
Copying frames
Graphic and movie clips objects
Graphic tools including line tool
Rotation point
Transforming – flipping
Motion Tween

swf fla
11 Motion Guides Create a Motion Tween of a flying butterfly and adjust the motion properties, including location, rotation and size

Copying an object between files
Motion Tweens Properties
Transform, resize and rotate


12 Using Sound Add sound to a flash file

Importing sound
Adding sound to a flash file, on a button and on the scene



wav file

13 Sound Player Add different buttons to play and stop music/sounds using ActionScript 3

Creating/importing sounds
Add sounds to play on a mouse click
Stop other sounds
ActionScript (difficult)

swf fla

Activity 3 + 4

Activity 3 Animated Scene. Develop an interactive animated

Fishtank swf

Rising sun swf

Activity 4

Counting Game: Model the development of a interactive basic children's game. Student complete the half finished game, by adding new components