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About PCSquared

Our aim at PCSquared is to provide you with quality teaching resources that will help you to develop lessons that engage your students (and save you time). These resources have been designed specifically for the NSW syllabuses including Stage 5 IST and HSC Industrial Technology Multimedia. But are designed to be adaptable.

The resources are based around Project based learning. They are designed by teachers for teachers to engage and to support all students to develop the skills and knowledge required to eventually work independently on their own projects.

Teaching resources

The teaching resources are based around the use of Adobe software such as Flash CS5 (and CS4) the including:

  • units of work - teaching programs
  • step-by-step guided tutorials
  • activities to practice using new skills
  • projects

These resources are suitable for NSW DET DER laptops and can be used in a range of courses including NSW Stage 5 IST and HSC Industrial Technology Multimedia syllabuses. We are always developing new material, please us know if there are particular resources you want.

On this website are a range of free resources, that provide an sample of the material available. If you are interested in purchasing more resources please contact us at pcooke01@gmail.com


March 2012